Buttery, Flaky Chicken Spinach Puffs. Image credit — The author.

You can try these beauties in a celebration or a family get-together and see how fast they disappear. You won't even be able to last it for more than a day because you will everybody loving it.

These are seriously amazing 💓

These are the perfect appetizer for any celebrations or occasion. With holidays around the corner, these might just be one to try. You can even try them on weekends.

My kind of reason to have them is that I love spinach. To be honest, I hate veggies, knowing they are good for health. I know adding veggies to…

Top Writer In Food & Cooking. Image credit — Author.

This is a letter to say thank you for making me realize that even I can follow my passion. Thank you so much for creating this superb platform for us.

It is not just about great headlines, it’s about writing every day. It’s not even about writing for big publications.

Becoming a top writer on Medium means a lot to every writer over here. It means a lot to me too. I agree you cannot achieve something like an overnight success, but yes you can make milestones to determine goals.

Its a small step towards my dreams.

It was in…

Me and my new friend. Image credit — Author

To be honest, I planned everything within just a few minutes of having him in my hand. I found him and that way I thought God gave me a gift today, but sadly it became worse.

So this morning, I was all set for the day and it was raining outside. I was running towards my lift arena with my raincoat, which takes me directly to the lady's restroom. I suddenly saw a cute bird sitting on the floor. …

Delicious, flavor-packed, creamy, and rich

Creamy and rich Butter Chicken. Image by author

One can find many versions of butter chicken out on the internet, which are far different from the authentic Indian style of cooking chicken at home. Butter chicken is an Indian dish made with chunks of grilled chicken (tandoori chicken) in a smooth buttery and creamy tomato-based gravy.

Also famous as Murg Makhani in many parts of India, this dish is definitely on the favorite list of many of the Indians going to restaurants. This Indian dish was invented by Mr. …


Chicken Fajitas.

Originally, classic fajita is the term referred to as a grilled stripe of chicken that can be enjoyed with tortilla, but this can make up a meal all on its own. But it never turns down a good side dish. This not just looks awesome, but also tastes good.

You can go with some classic rice and fried beans also. It can also be served with some chips and classic salsa.

I try my best to try something new. It is unique and also awesome to cook chicken like this. As a kid born in an Indian family, I am…


Veggie pancake. Image by the author.

This is going to be an easy and savory pancake recipe that you can add to your daily life to add veggies to your child’s diet. This recipe can be easily made with semolina batter and veggies of your choice. If your children hate veggies, then this will be a great option for you to try on them.

I agree children hate veggies and the reason could be the boring ways in which we serve them with a plate full of vegetables. Whenever I see veggies on my plate, that makes me an instant feeling that the taste is not…


Chocolate Chip Cookies. Image by the author.

Cookies are so awesome. You can make as much as you want at home and also add your favorite flavors to it. One thing that I like about making cookies is that you can also do experiments to get exciting results too.

One more reason behind me getting closer to them is because I can carry them in my sling bag wherever I want. I sometimes feel exhausted while at work or on travel and that makes me feel bad. At that time cookies work for me. I just love them.

To me, cookies are god’s gift to my mood…


Photo by Christian Gertenbach on Unsplash

Thoughts hold the power to define our present. There is so much of it going on in our lives. We all have emotions that we sometimes discuss and sometimes hide from everyone. So-called secrets that snatch away dreams from our eyes.

I believe friendship is one of the most important relationships in someone’s life. And if it can give you extreme help and support then it has the capability to break you in difficult times too. I faced so many ups and downs last year; that ruined my relations with most of my so-called friends. I now can differentiate between…


Crispy pakora. Image by the author.

This is one of the easiest recipes out there, with lots of options. My mom almost made more than 10 types of pakoras. Nothing can be more satisfying than rainy weather out there, and pakoras served with hot chai(tea).

What is pakora?

Pakora is an Indian snack that is made with gram flour and different types of veggies. There are many ways you can make them. The taste is all about the ingredients you are using. You can make pakoras of your choice.

Even if I grew up, I do not have plenty of time to spend hours watching outside the window and…


Spinach paratha. Image Credit — The Author.

Spinach paratha or palak paratha is one of my favorite breakfasts. These are Indian flatbreads made with just wheat flour, fresh spinach, and some spices. So it's nothing more than just spinach flatbreads.

My kind of reason to have them is that I love spinach. To be honest, I hate veggies, knowing they are good for health. I know adding veggies to our diet is way important than any other fast food, but I try my best to find an alternative to making it into a delicious recipe. Seeing veggies in an awesome dish, makes me feel like the need…

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