Found him beside the lift in my office, and it was like love at first sight

Me and my new friend. Image credit — Author

To be honest, I planned everything within just a few minutes of having him in my hand. I found him and that way I thought God gave me a gift today, but sadly it became worse.

So this morning, I was all set for the day and it was raining outside. I was running towards my lift arena with my raincoat, which takes me directly to the lady's restroom. I suddenly saw a cute bird sitting on the floor. …

Delicious, flavor-packed, creamy, and rich

Creamy and rich Butter Chicken. Image by author

One can find many versions of butter chicken out on the internet, which are far different from the authentic Indian style of cooking chicken at home. Butter chicken is an Indian dish made with chunks of grilled chicken (tandoori chicken) in a smooth buttery and creamy tomato-based gravy.

Also famous as Murg Makhani in many parts of India, this dish is definitely on the favorite list of many of the Indians going to restaurants. This Indian dish was invented by Mr. …

Now not limited to posh fine-dine restaurants, it can easily be made at home.

Garlic naan. Image credit: The author.

So, here we are with an amazing flatbread recipe, extremely popular in maximum Indian restaurants. To be honest, I always prefer garlic naan over plain naan with some hot and spicy curry.

Naan is typically made in a tandoor oven in restaurants, and that makes it awesome. These tandoor ovens present at restaurants are loaded with coal heat, and the naan is stuck to the walls of the tandoor till it gets bakes nicely.

The presence of smoky flavor in the naan is due to the…


A flavorsome and hearty meal with a delicious blend of spicy mixed vegetables

Pav Bhaji. Image credit — The author.

It is one of the phenomenal dishes of Mumbai in India, served with toasted pav. If you don't have pav, you can replace it with bread. It is one of the easiest dinner dishes on a busy weeknight. You can enjoy pav bhaji not just as a great dinner but also as an evening snack.

Pav bhaji is special for its bold flavors and spicy bhaji. You can also make it just like the street foods with only a few of the major spices. The secret of its delicious taste is the secret spices which we are going to add.


A new publication on pets, food, cooking, nature, life, and creativity

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Welcome to our new publication — Bestie!

Life is a never-ending journey and I want to create a space to share happiness, love, and everything revolving in your life that makes you feel happy. A place that signifies happiness and a new journey towards positivity. I always wanted to create a publication and here we go…

So it is not an end to my dreams…

Here we are interested in stories that share the love for pets, birds, and animals, stories about life experiences, incidents. Apart from all these, we would love to hear about food love stories. …


Perfect healthy breakfast with the goodness of oats in it

Oats Chilla. Image by the author.

Want to have a tasty breakfast and a healthy way? You can start with having oats in your meal. You will not just have the goodness of oats in your body, but you will be enjoying a delicious dish too.

I will be sharing a quick and easy recipe of oats chilla, which is made with few amazing ingredients like oats, gram flour, and some spices and herbs. You can also add veggies to it to increase its nutritional value. It is a savory pancake that is made with gram flour and different lentils.

Oats chilla can also be served…


Makhana is healthier than popcorn

Kesar Makhana. Image by the author.

Kesar makhana (Foxnut) kheer is a very famous Indian dessert that is often made during fastings in major festivals of India. It is way healthier than any of the ready-to-eat cornflakes or popcorn.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”– Ernestine Ulmer

It's time for you to update your list of dishes you make to a new updated one which included tastes as well as health in it.

My mother used to roast makhana and keep them in an air-tight container. This way, she adds a few of them to our daily meals. …

Made in almost every home of an Indian family, it is the favorite of everyone.

Kheer. Image credit to the author.

Rice kheer is a one-pot traditional Indian sweet dessert made at festivals and celebrations. Though there are many kinds of kheer made in India, I feel the kheer made with rice is my favorite.

It is the most common sweet dessert made in my home. I know that if something good happens, or if mommy is in good mood then she will surely make kheer. My king of enjoyment is having a Katori full of kheer at the end of the meal. …

Staple Gujarati snack, which is an excellent source of plant-based protein

Khaman Dhokla. Image by the author.

It is one of the best evening snacks I would prefer if you are in your weight loss sessions and want to go for something healthy.

It is a steamed snack that is made with gram flour and some amazing spices. To be factual, dhokla and khaman dhokla are traditionally different from each other. Dhokla is made from fermented rice and lentil batter while khaman dhokla is made from gram flour. …

Benefit yourself with the goodness of sweet corn. Made with no fancy ingredients

Sweet corn. Image by Author.

Sweet corn is a very versatile and staple food for centuries. It is a nice addition to soups, salads and also used as toppings in pizza. It might be one of the most confusing food out there because of few myths. People believe that it is high in sugar.

The truth is just reverse; it has a very low amount of sugar in it.

I am not sure how to classify it as a grain or a vegetable. When it is fresh, it is considered as a…

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