Special dinner at home that disappears fast

Buttery, Flaky Chicken Spinach Puffs. Image credit — The author.

You can try these beauties in a celebration or a family get-together and see how fast they disappear. You won't even be able to last it for more than a day because you will everybody loving it.

These are seriously amazing 💓

These are the perfect appetizer for any celebrations…

I got my first two top writer badges last week and this is how I made it

Top Writer In Food & Cooking. Image credit — Author.

This is a letter to say thank you for making me realize that even I can follow my passion. Thank you so much for creating this superb platform for us.

It is not just about great headlines, it’s about writing every day. It’s not even about writing for big publications.


You can never imagine what is going to happen until you face it

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash

So this terrible feeling of not even having the reason behind the loss of one of your loved ones is really devastating. I somehow do not understand the situation too.

So this is actually preplanned in our Indian society where young and immature teenage girls in villages are forced to…

Debika Kumari

A Curious Reader & a Passionate Writer with Mindful of Bizarre Ideas♥️ Top Writer In Food & Cooking♥️Coffee Lover ❤️ Adores Cat

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